Publishing Contract Accepted!

My manuscript was picked up by a publishing company and I’ve signed the contract! All the waiting and worrying finally paid off. I’m not sure of the publishing date yet, as my editor still needs to get back to me with edits, but hopefully this year.

I’ve had several people ask how I was able to get a traditional publisher’s attention, and I really don’t have a trick. My journey in writing started years ago when I was a teen, but fell by the wayside over the years as I took care of my family.

In 2017, I began dabbling with writing once again. I wrote and illustrated a children’s series, self-published it on Amazon, and was content for a while. Earlier this year, though, the writing bug bit again.

On a whim, after taking a required English class for a degree plan, I decided to write for myself, and if others wanted to read my stories, that would be even better. The first couple of short stories were so-so. My daughter edited one and pushed me, pointing out the plot holes and shortcomings of the story. She’s a great editor, by the way, and doesn’t let too much bias get in the way, understanding what it takes to make a good story.

Anyhow, after writing my first novella, I decided to write a full novel for young adults. My passion is science fiction, and I’ve always loved to watch a relationship develop, so I melded both genres into one. After finishing the manuscript, I submitted it to two publishing houses and opted to sign with the current publishing house. Once I receive the okay, I’ll be posting links and information about the book.

Long story short, I didn’t use any tricks to get a publishing contract–I just got lucky. Considering I just recently started writing again, and the second manuscript I’d ever written was accepted by the second publisher, it was an incredible stroke of luck.

The only trick I can think of is this: don’t give up and keep submitting. Oh, and make sure you edit your baby over and over again. Trust me, if you think it’s ready, it’s not. I STILL find errors throughout each page.


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