T-9 Days Until The Betrayer’s Release!

It’s only nine days until The Betrayer, Book 2 of the Baltin Trilogy, releases and I’m super stoked. It’s the follow-up to my debut novel, The Descendant, and I had even more fun writing the second story.

In the first book, I introduce Tilly Morgan and her lovable hound, Kodiak, to the reader and show the budding relationship between Tilly and Jareth. At the end of the story, the reader watches Tilly’s character beginning to grow and accepting the sudden twist thrown into her life involving Jareth.

In The Betrayer, the reader–just like Tilly–meets another alien race, the Henokans, who have pursued the Baltins and plan to make them pay for their crimes against both Henoka and Earth from the release of the Baltin plague. She’s brought underground to the Cheyenne Mountain Complex and learns at least one large group of military survived the EMP and virus. She also discovers more information about the Baltin and Henokan war in the Trappist-1 system, and the bracelet Jareth gave her at the end of book one.

Balancing the relationship between Tilly and Rhys was a fun challenge, because even though Tilly’s in love with the scoundrel, Jareth (though she refuses to admit it to herself), the reader can see major differences between him and Rhys. Rhys is extremely likable even though he’s stern and strong. It’s these differences that shed light between Jareth’s character–who’s a bit of a bad boy with a dark side, and Rhys’s persona–who’s wholesome and gentle–that causes some angsty moments with Tilly’s psyche. Of course, Tilly’s adorable mutt, Kodiak, reappears in book two, complete with his normal antics. The dog is obsessed with food, let me tell you. He even gets to sit with her in a military cafeteria and eat out of his own bowl.

The reader is also introduced to a new protagonist, Colonel Robertson. His character was fun and therapeutic to write. I really wanted to kill him in several chapters. Haha. He’s one of those people who lusts for power, and doesn’t care who he has to stomp on to reach his end goal.

Currently, I’m about seventy-five thousand words into The Redeemer, which will be the final book of the trilogy. Then, I’ll start the prequel, which will follow Tilly for two years before The Descendant. It will be a true apocalyptic, alien invasion novel, and will demonstrate why Tilly hates being alone, why she’s a little more aggressive than your normal twenty-year-old, and how she came to have such a potty mouth.

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Savage Worlds Series:

The Descendant

The Betrayer

The Redeemer

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